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Those Who Have Gone Before

I am writing to recommend Druk Expeditions to anyone who has ever wished to travel anywhere in India, Nepal, Bhutan or even Tibet. For three summers in a row, I have spent three weeks traveling over the entire Indian subcontinent, and by far, my most pleasurable and rewarding came over the past two summers when our trip was designed and directed by Druk Expeditions.

I traveled in India each summer with fifteen students, and we used every form of transportation: train, car and airplane which mean that Druk Expeditions had to handle eighteen itineraries, eighteen passports and eighteen Americians! In every case, they made the trip seem smooth and effortless.

We saw people and places from South India to Himachal Pradesh that we could only see because we traveled with Druk Expeditions and made trip unforgettable in every way.

They are deeply concerned to make certain that Westerner have a productive trip. This means that they are adamant about clean restaurant and hygienic hotels, I never once felt that they had taken us to a place that would be harmful to us, and I would trust their recommendation with a second thought.

Not only Druk Expeditions is a wonderful travel agent and guide, but they are extraordinary individual as well as. I count them as friends and my students count them as one of good colleague. One of our students lost his passport this summer, and within hours, they resolved the issue so that our student could board an airplane with no problems and within several days, they had restored the passport and visa!

Druk Expeditions is a miracle worker!

I simply cannot imagine ever returning to India without giving our trip to Druk Expeditions. In fact, if Druk Expeditions goes out of business, I won’t go back to India.

Obviously, I recommend Druk Expeditions whole-heartly. They are, for my money, the only way to see India. If I can provide further information about their services, I will be happy to do so.

Sidney Burris
Professor, Department of English
July 2009

Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal  

Trek Report - Summer 2000
By Susan

Great variety and heaps of it, we also love the cook’s singing ability around the campfire.

Well balanced between rest days and the hard uphill climbs. Our tour guide was very encouraging and gave plenty of information as to what we were seeing and where we were going.

Camp well setup and tent equipment was good (even rainproof). All was prepared and organized on our arrival, which was great relief at the end of a hard day’s climbing.

Had a great time and the 7 days was just enough time to enjoy the sights without rushing.

The boys should improve their card playing ability!


3days/2nights trek to Chika-Setan-Manali

I know what you’re thinking, another letter to read about the great trip, service, or merchandise that can be purchased through this service. Actually, at the end of a trek I have never wanted to write a letter saying anything exceptional. I have been proven that his agency is different. I have never felt that so many people involved in a trek were there to meet my needs.

The food was abundant and every day there were choices about what could have (tea, ginger tea, and coffee, hot chocolate etc.) I felt that everyone was really concerned about what I wanted and what was important for me to see.

The guide was very good about making sure I was not alone too much and included me in conversation. The staff was respectful and never made me feel uncomfortable (even though I was alone on this 2 night-3 day’s adventure). They made sure all arrangements were made (including my bus tickets upon returning). I have never had so much attention.

This trip made me wish I had a longer time to spend out in the wilderness. Even the woods and trails were exciting because the guide pointed out plant and altitudes and told stories about different areas. Their enthusiasm for my happiness was genuine and I never felt that this was a trip done too many times by my guide or that he’d rather be elsewhere. Too many times before or trips I have felt as though its money motivated and guide do the least possible. I have done trekking in Guatemola, Thailand and in Kashmir, and this was by far the best trek I have had because of the people’s care. It’s evident that this business will continue to do well with this kind of service and attitude.

Good luck to all of you at Druk,
Sincerely, Terr (USA)




Trekking from Batal to Barachala

We intended to go from Batal to Barachala but the very bad weather did not make it possible so we had to come back to Chandratal Lake. Wonderful! The sun came finally and we could contemplate the lake and the peaks above. It was heaven!

During bad weather (heavy rain, snow) the staff was always smiling and ready to help us. They waited for us since we were not well acclimatized to altitude.

We were three women and felt really comfortable with three men staff. We could relax and enjoy being together in the Himalayas. We could share a kind of spiritual energy in the group so even if the conditions were really harsh; there was no tension at all from the inside of the group. The guide, the cook, and the horse man were very respectful of each other and worked together for every task.

The guide was very patient, comprehensive and smiling, we could also feel his discrete presence during the walking and he never disturbed our rhythm. He served us as if we were queens with his happy “hellow”! We appreciate his efforts to get places in the bus for us. He and the cook stayed on the roof during seven hours to make sure that our luggage did not fall in a ravine.

The cook was also very friendly and did a great job. We even had momos under the snow! The food was very generous (even too abundant for us) and always different. For dinner there was always a food soup served friendly after we arrived at the camp. This helped us to keep warm “inside”.

In conclusion we would recommend Druk Expeditions for its “spirit” and personal qualities of staff members. This may be the most important difference between one trekking agency and another one.

Thanks to all! We will send you pictures!

Brigitte, Veronique and Chantal

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